wedding photos the crypt

Wedding Photos The Crypt & St Etheldredas

Wedding Photos The Crypt & St Etheldredas


Wedding Photos The Crypt & St Etheldredas are a regular gig for me.  I’ve shot at St Etheldredas more than any other church in my career.  St Etheldredas really is a home from home for me.  Affectionately know amongst wedding photographers as the darkest church in London, it’s not for the faint hearted.  I have to say that I’ve really grown to love it.  The light in the church is very low but that’s the beauty of it.

Anyone who has their Wedding Photos The Crypt & St Etheldredas isn’t looking for bright, airy and modern.  They are looking for subtle, romantic, understated.  The church has a mood to it that you really can’t describe unless you’ve been there.  I can only imagine that saying your wedding vows in such surroundings can only add to the grandeur of the occasion.  It is quite something.

The beautiful choir always impresses me.  Sitting in the low light, in the most beautiful of surroundings, steeped in history listening to the choral arrangements is indeed an assault on the senses.  I feel my images somehow must try and live up to the experience.  I hope they do!

Natasha and Dan were such lovely clients.  A pleasure to shoot, a pleasure to be around.  Their wedding was perfection.  A great group of friends and family, a couple in love and of course the most amazing food and wine provided by the Bleeding Heart restaurant.  Did I mention these guys know how to cater?  The food was delicious.

So onto the images!  I’m really very proud of what I created for them.  I have split this post into 2 parts, because there were simply too many that I wanted to share! Here are some of my favourite Wedding Photos The Crypt & St Etheldredas….

wedding dress london

Natasha got ready at the Rookery. The Rooks Nest is the room at the very top. It was just gorgeous to shoot in.

something blue, something old something new

I loved Natasha’s something blue – this pretty little blue mouse pin.

wedding photographer londonwedding-photos-the-crypt-004wedding-photos-the-crypt-005wedding photos the cryptbride at the rooks nestgetting ready at the rooks nest

Love this.

Love this.

london wedding photoswedding-photos-the-crypt-011wedding-photos-the-crypt-012

bride getting ready at the rooks nest

The ceiling of the Rooks Nest opens up.

the rooks nest the rookery

I loved the upstairs in the Rooks Nest – it made for a great backdrop for some quick portraits.

wedding photos the cryptthe rooks nest the rookery bridewedding-photos-the-crypt-017wedding-photos-the-crypt-018wedding at St Etheldredaswedding-photos-the-crypt-020wedding-photos-the-crypt-021wedding photos the cryptwedding-photos-the-crypt-023wedding-photos-the-crypt-024wedding-photos-the-crypt-025wedding photos the cryptlondon bridewedding-photos-the-crypt-028weddings at St Etheldredaswedding-photos-the-crypt-030St Etheldredas wedding photoswedding at St Etheldredaswedding-photos-the-crypt-033

wedding at St Etheldredas

Love the atmosphere in this image.

wedding at St Etheldredaswedding at St EtheldredasSt Etheldredas wedding photoswedding-photos-the-crypt-038St Etheldredas wedding photoswedding-photos-the-crypt-040wedding-photos-the-crypt-041wedding-photos-the-crypt-042wedding-photos-the-crypt-043wedding-photos-the-crypt-044wedding-photos-the-crypt-045wedding photos the cryptSt Etheldredas wedding photos

wedding photos St Etheldredas


wedding-photos-the-crypt-049St Etheldredas wedding photographsWedding Photos The Crypt & St Etheldredaswedding-photos-the-crypt-051wedding-photos-the-crypt-052wedding photos the cryptwedding photos the cryptwedding-photos-the-crypt-055wedding photos the cryptWedding Photos The Crypt & St Etheldredaswedding photos the cryptThe Crypt looked amazing.

Click here for part two of their Wedding Photos The Crypt & St Etheldredas

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