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Wedding Photography Reshoot

Wedding Photography Reshoot  – Not happy with your wedding pictures?

Wedding Photography Reshoot  – This is something I find myself doing more and more.  Couple’s get married, choose what they believe is the right photographer for them, only to find out later they made the wrong decision.  Choosing the right kind of photographer for you is a tough job for any couple.  For a start, there’s a mountain of us to wade through!  Everyone seems to be offering “documentary” or “reportage” coverage.  You think, well that’s what we want, natural pictures with no interference. After all, who wants to spend the afternoon posing for a camera when you could be having a good time with your friends and family. Then you are presented with a set of shots which have zero direction to them. They are some great moments but a closer look reveals there’s nothing you could have framed.

I love documentary wedding images and 80% of what I shoot is just that – purely observational with no input from me. But I also have another skill set – making my couples look amazing.  No one wants anything too contrived but gentle direction and guidance from someone who knows how to pose a couple goes a long way.  How to stand to look slimmer or where to put your hands.  Subtle changes to body position can all make a huge difference to the way you look in a photo.  My wedding day shoots are typically 2 x 15 minutes. One session at the end of the drinks reception and another after dinner. Not a great deal of time.  They don’t need to be. But it’s enough time to give you some really wow shots of the two of you.

So onto this shoot, Farnoosh contacted me a little heart-broken that she had hardly any posed pictures she liked of her and her new husband.  She didn’t like the light she had been placed in and didn’t feel they were flattering.  She had got married at The The Orangery Maidstone, a stunning wedding venue and wanted me to go back to the venue and re-shoot their couples pictures.  So I re-shot their Orangery Maidstone Wedding Photos for them.  Now, they have some fab documentary coverage but also some flattering, well lit, well posed images too.

If you find yourself in this position, please get in touch to find out about my Wedding Photography Reshoot service!

A big thanks to my very favourite hair and make-up artist Kirsty Mccall! Click here to find out more about her here.

Here’s a few of my favourites from their Wedding photography reshoot…

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Contact me if you are getting married at The Turkey Mill or if you would like a Wedding Photography Reshoot. I’d love to hear about your plans.

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