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Wedding Photography Nottingham

Wedding Photography Nottingham – Marie Pier & Neil’s Nottingham Conference centre Wedding – Part 2

I continued with the wedding photography Nottingham after a short drive to the centre  to Nottingham University and the Nottingham conference centre. In contrast to the ancient ruins of Newstead Abbey, the conference centre has undergone a massive redevelopment and is the perfect blend of the old and contemporary.  It’s certainly the perfect setting for Nottingham wedding photography.

If you missed part one of their wedding click here.

The outside of the building is grand and the inside is really very modern.  I loved the amazing light.  Bright, clean and perfect for wedding pictures.  Here are some of my favourites from my wedding photography Nottingham.

nottingham conference centre wedding cake

nottingham conference centre wedding decorations

The room looked really stunning.

group pictures at nottingham conference centre wedding

nottingham conference centre wedding photos

wedding photography nottingham

 Love this one of them outside Nottingham University.

wedding photography nottingham wedding shoes

guests laughing wedding photography nottingham

wedding photography nottingham conference center

I love this kind of picture – lots of different stories and interactions.

wedding photography nottingham university

guests at nottingham university wedding

Bride during wedding photography nottingham

Marie-Pier looked amazing.

wedding fortune teller game

pictures for tables at wedding

nottingham university wedding breakfast

wedding pianist

The pianist was quite incredible and travelled up from Cardiff to perform. I hear a lot of music played during dinner – she really stood out. Great voice and lovely set of songs. The guests all commented on how good she was. Here are her details..
Cat Kiara White

speeches at wedding photography Nottingham

I love some of the expressions in this set of speech images.

grooms speech at nottingham conference centre wedding

speech at nottingham university wedding

grooms speech wedding photography nottingham

bride laughing at Nottingham wedding

cheers at nottingham university wedding

grooms sister makes a speech at Nottingham wedding conference centre

wedding at nottingham university

A quick portrait after dinner. I saw this sofa and spun it around to make use of the striped background. I love the contemporary feel to it and Marie-Pier looks great. That’s what wedding photography nottingham is all about!

boy on skate board during wedding

The children made full use of the carpet at the Nottingham Conference Centre.

cake cutting wedding photography nottingham

nottingham wedding photographer

first dance at Nottingham wedding

 Congratulations Marie-Pier & Neil!

If you were a guest at their wedding, you can view their gallery by clicking here and entering the brides maiden name as the password.



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