Union Club Wedding Photos – Helen & Tom

Union Club Wedding Photos – Helen & Tom – London wedding photographer

If you missed part one of Helen and Tom’s Union Club wedding Photos – Click here.

Helen and Tom’s wedding day continued with drinks at The Union Club, Soho.  The venue is very interesting to look at; with pieces of photography and art everywhere.  It was no wonder Helen and Tom chose this place in London to entertain their friends and family.

I continued with their Union Club wedding photos.  There was a little table full of papers and crayons for the young bridesmaids and a game of chess for the older boys.  I made time to take a few portraits inside the Union Club before Helen and Tom sat down for their wedding breakfast.

The food was amazing! The meal was very relaxed.  Then came the speeches, which have always been one of my favourite things to shoot.  I love the different moods and the differing reactions to each one.  After the formalities it was time for Helen, Tom and all their friends and families to let their hair down.  There was no “official” dance floor but people couldn’t wait to tear up the floor.  I saw some incredible moves.  Moves which are rarely seen.  Special moves.  Thanks to those brave souls who shared them with me.

Here are some of my favourite Union Club wedding photos from the second half of Helen and Tom’s wedding day…

union club wedding breakfast

Set for the wedding breakfast at the Union Club, Soho

kids at union club wedding photos

children at union club wedding photos

playing chess at the Union club soho

guest enjoying union club wedding photos

confetti at The Union Club

There was so much confetti!

union club wedding photographer

union club wedding photos

Union Club soho london wedding photos by window

entering the wedding breakfast at the Union Club, Soho

cheers at wedding the Union Club soho

menu at the union club soho

Iain Bain wedding photographer

Iain picks up some ideas. 🙂

The master photographers

Bride shows off ring at Soho wedding

wedding photographers London

I think Tom may have been saying – Helen, put the camera down!

speeches at the union club london

fathers speech at London wedding

Love this one.

union club wedding photos of speeches

grooms speech at London wedding

best mans speech at union club wedding

fun at Soho wedding

evening at the union club soho

unusual wedding cakes

Everyone sang “Happy wedding day to you!” in the style of happy birthday. I think it was very appropriate that as a children’s portrait photographer – Helen’s cake was made with the help of children.

pork pie wedding cake

A tower of pork pies made a change from the usual cup cakes!

dancing at the union club soho

mad dance moves soho wedding

Some of the moves were wild!

disco at the union club wedding

 Congratulations Helen & Tom – thanks for an amazing day.

If you were a guest at their wedding you can see all the pictures by clicking here and entering the password.
The password is the grooms surname.

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