Thailand wedding photos

Thailand wedding – Part one, The Boat Trip

Thailand wedding – Part one – The boat trip

Kirsty & Dan planned a week of activities in the run up to their Thailand wedding.  One of which was a speedboat trip, island hopping around some of the most stunning locations. I was lucky enough to be able to shoot the whole day with them and the entire wedding party.  If you are planning a destination wedding, it’s a great idea to spend as much time with people as possible.  Pictures of this time were really important to Kirsty and Dan and so I shot this day as part of their coverage.

The day started early and we left Railay beach on board the speedboat to our first destination, the famous spot where the film “The Beach” was filmed.  As we saw the first glimpse as we approached, you coud see why the makers had chosen this as the place in which the film would be set.  It had a white sandy beach, was surrounded by huge cliffs and the water was so clear.  We were there for about an hour and a half and this was just the right amount of time to soak up the atmosphere.

Dan and Kirsty’s guest swam and sun bathed, while I happily shot the story.  Dan and Kirsty were keen to replicate the famous shot at the end of the film – where everyone jumps in the air and after lots of jumping – we headed off before the crowds arrived, starting the day early had been a good plan.

photographer thailand woman on Thai beachRailay beachboat trip before thailand wedding

thailand boat trip

The speed boat was really bumpy but loads of fun.

hire speed boat thailand

Maya Beach wedding

Maya Beach where the film “The Beach” was made.

thailand-wedding-007thailand-wedding-008maya beach thailandEveryone had fun at Maya Beach just days before Kirsty and Dan’s Thailand wedding.thailand-wedding-010

Bamboo island thailand

Our next stop was Bamboo Island. Great for snorkeling.

thailand-wedding-012weddings in thailand

We spent a few hours on the Hong Islands, a cluster of islands famed for their spectacular beaches and hidden lagoons.

We spent a few hours on the Hong Islands, a cluster of islands famed for their spectacular beaches and hidden lagoons.

 After a great Thai lunch, the guests spent the afternoon, swimming, sunbathing and Kayaking through hidden caves and beauty spots.


Everyone went off kayaking.


When it rains in Thailand - it really rains!!

When it rains in Thailand – it really rains!!

thailand-wedding-021thailand-wedding-022Thailand wedding photographerthailand-wedding-024Thailand wedding pictures

The last island that afternoon was Tut island. Easily my favourite.

The last island that afternoon was Tut island. Easily my favourite.

Thailand wedding photos

Love this one of the bride and groom to be!

We were the only people there as dusk fell.  The guys on board the speedboat sparked up the barbecue – fish kebab and curry.thailand-wedding-028wedding party in thailandI spotted the perfect place for a final group picture.thailand-wedding-030Tut island weddingAs the night drew in, I spoke to one of our guides who told me that at about 6.30pm, 1000’s of fruit bats would fly across the sky.  We waited patiently and he was right…Fruit bats Thailand.They’re not like normal bats – they’re massive!!thailand-wedding-033thailand-wedding-034

As the darkness fell, there was no light to shoot by.  This was a 15 second exposure – taken by resting my camera on some nearby rocks.  We headed off to swim with bio-luminescent plankton in the dark.

It was a day I’ll never forget and I’d like to say thanks again for Kirsty and Dan for organising such an incredible experience.  I know it will stay with me for a very long time.

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  • Dominique 05/04/2011  

    These are so wonderful. What a gorgeous couple. I can’t wait to see the rest. You have captured the atmosphere of the day beautifully.

  • IanMac 05/04/2011  

    Lovely set of images Kerry! Not every day you get to shoot in such a beautiful location looks like you made the most of it!

  • Suzanne Black 07/04/2011  

    Wonderful images Kerry…..brings it all back!

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