stowe gardens wedding pictures

Stowe Gardens wedding – Mike & Claire

Stowe Gardens wedding – Mike & Claire – The Temple of Venus

Mike and Claire’s Stowe Gardens wedding was held at the beautiful and aptly named Temple of Venus.  It was my first time shooting at Stowe Gardens.  What a place!  Stowe School is on site for much larger weddings, I can imagine anyone getting married at Stowe would be spoilt for choice with locations.

The wedding was very special for me as Claire and Mike are good friends.  Mike has known my husband Grant since school and they both came to our wedding in France in 2011.  I love shooting for friends but my word do I feel the pressure!  I’m always very nervous before a wedding, after 21 years of shooting weddings, I still feel terrible before starting each one!  I guess it’s a bit worse with friends.

My hands were shaking when I got the camera bag out of the boot and I took a few deep breaths before knocking on Claire’s door.  Once I start shooting, all my nerves go and I get into my stride.  I look for expressions, feelings, nice compositions and above all images which will make my couple remember the moments that pass so quickly.  Because after all, when the day is done – all you have are the pictures.  That’s why I get nervous I guess, I know how important those pictures are and how they actually get more and more valuable as time passes.  That’s why it’s such a special thing to be able to do for someone.

Anyway, here are this weeks favourites of Mike and Claire’s Stowe Gardens wedding…

 stowe-gardens-wedding-001stowe-gardens-wedding-002stowe-gardens-wedding-003documentary wedding bride getting into dressstowe-gardens-wedding-005stowe-gardens-wedding-006stowe-gardens-wedding-007stowe-gardens-wedding-008

Gorgeous Claire!

Gorgeous Claire!

stowe-gardens-wedding-010stowe school wedding

the guys stowe gardens wedding

The boys scrubbed up OK!


stowe gardens wedding

Claire arrives. The sun came out!

stowe-gardens-wedding-015Temple of venus stowe gardens weddingstowe-gardens-wedding-017stowe-gardens-wedding-018

stowe gardens wedding

Mike’s son hands his Dad the ring.


stowe gardens wedding

I love arranging beautiful groups. This was everyone who was at the wedding.


stowe gardens wedding

The locations for pictures were amazing.


stowe gardens wedding photos

Even though the architecture was beautiful for pictures – give me a field of over-grown weeds any day!

stowe-gardens-wedding-032stowe gardens wedding photographerstowe gardens weddingsstowe-gardens-wedding-035

stowe gardens wedding pictures

Love this!

boycott farm weddings

After the ceremony we headed off the Boycott Farm for the wedding feast.

tables at boycott farm weddingdecorations at boycott farm weddingstowe-gardens-wedding-040stowe-gardens-wedding-041stowe-gardens-wedding-042

bride with hunter wellies

Claire came dressed for the farm!

stowe-gardens-wedding-044bride at farm weddingstowe-gardens-wedding-046stowe-gardens-wedding-047stowe-gardens-wedding-048stowe-gardens-wedding-049stowe-gardens-wedding-050stowe-gardens-wedding-051stowe-gardens-wedding-052stowe-gardens-wedding-055stowe-gardens-wedding-053stowe-gardens-wedding-054stowe-gardens-wedding-056stowe-gardens-wedding-057stowe-gardens-wedding-058stowe-gardens-wedding-059boycott farm wedding photosstowe-gardens-wedding-061farm weddingboycott farm

Congratulations Mike and Claire!

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