Stoke Park

Stoke Park Wedding – Annelouise & Dominic

Stoke Park wedding – The Winter wedding of Annelouise & Dominic

I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding at Stoke Park, it’s one of those venues that has been on my “to do list” for a while.

When I got a call from fantastic wedding planner Isabelle Smith about a wedding happening in just two weeks time, I was more than little suprised.  Most bookings come in around a year before the date, so it was quite unusual to get the call with such little notice.   How Isabelle pulled everything together so quickly, I’ll never know!

I was lucky enough to take the lovely James Davidson with me as a second shooter.   I love his work and it was great fun shooting with someone else.

Annelouise and Dominic’s day was freezing but they still managed a few shots in the grounds of Stoke Park.  Isabelle even brought a hot water bottle to keep Annelouise warm – now that’s what I call service!

Here are some of my favourites from their Stoke Park wedding…

Stoke ParkBoys at Stoke Park weddingstoke-park-wedding-003stoke-park-wedding-004stoke-park-wedding-005stoke-park-wedding-006stoke-park-wedding-007dress at stoke park weddingstoke-park-wedding-009stoke-park-wedding-010stoke-park-wedding-011stoke-park-wedding-012stoke-park-wedding-013Stoke park wedding ceremonystoke-park-wedding-015stoke-park-wedding-016stoke-park-wedding-017stoke-park-wedding-018stoke-park-wedding-019stoke-park-wedding-020stoke-park-wedding-021stoke-park-wedding-022stoke-park-wedding-023Stoke Park wedding photosstoke-park-wedding-025stoke-park-wedding-026Stoke park wedding tablesstoke-park-wedding-028Stoke ParkStoke Park wedding picturesstoke-park-wedding-031stoke park winter weddingwedding at stoke parkstoke-park-wedding-034stoke-park-wedding-035stoke-park-wedding-036stoke-park-wedding-037Stoke Parkstoke-park-wedding-039Stoke park wedding guestsstoke-park-wedding-042Stoke Park weddingstoke-park-wedding-044stoke-park-wedding-045stoke-park-wedding-046stoke-park-wedding-047stoke-park-wedding-048first dance at Stoke ParkStoke Park at night

Congratulations Annelouise & Dominic!

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  • Rob Brooks 23/02/2011  

    You must have been quite determined to pull out all the stops for this one Kerry and it looks like you succeeded judging by this lovely set of images. Marvelous.

  • Chris 23/02/2011  

    Awesome work again. Particularly love the use of the guest camera light on the faces in ‘wedding drinks’ and the first sweeping bridge shot.

  • Julia 27/03/2011  

    Beautiful photos. Wonderful shots of the happy couple and great composition.

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