prested hall wedding photos

Prested Hall wedding photos

Prested Hall wedding photos – The winter wedding of Fiona & Mark – Part One


I arrived at Fiona’s parents house on the morning of her wedding.  Everyone was relaxed and excited about the day ahead.  The weather was typical of November.  Cloudy with the potential of rain.   When you photograph as many winter weddings as I do, you learn to forget about the weather and just concentrate on capturing the emotion and atmosphere of the day.

Before shooting their Prested Hall wedding photos it was time to shoot the wedding ceremony held at Fiona’s family church.  Photography had recently been banned at the church.  This always breaks my heart when I hear this as pictures of this part of the day are so important.  Fiona told me she had attended the church since she was a child and I think that gave us some leeway.  I was allowed to shoot just a few pictures from the back of the church.   The light was so nice and the way it fell on Fiona’s dress looked so pretty.

I have broken this blog into two parts, as their was so many images I wanted to share.  Here are some of my favourite Prested Hall wedding photos…

prested hall wedding photosprested-hall-weddimg-photos-002prested-hall-weddimg-photos-004prested-hall-weddimg-photos-003prested-hall-weddimg-photos-005prested-hall-weddimg-photos-006Fiona’s Dad decorates the family car – “Leaping Lena”.prested-hall-weddimg-photos-007prested-hall-weddimg-photos-008prested hall wedding photosprested-hall-weddimg-photos-010prested hall wedding photosFiona looked amazing.prested-hall-weddimg-photos-012prested hall wedding photosFiona’s Mum did all the flowers.  The button holes were beautiful.prested hall wedding photosprested-hall-weddimg-photos-013

prested-hall-weddimg-photos-016prested-hall-weddimg-photos-017prested-hall-weddimg-photos-018prested-hall-weddimg-photos-019I was lucky to be able to take pictures, the church have a ban on it.  But I was told to stay in one place at the back. I thought the light was lovely in the church.prested-hall-weddimg-photos-020prested hall wedding photosprested hall wedding photosprested hall wedding photosprested-hall-weddimg-photos-024prested-hall-weddimg-photos-025prested-hall-weddimg-photos-026prested-hall-weddimg-photos-027prested hall wedding photosprested-hall-weddimg-photos-029prested-hall-weddimg-photos-030prested-hall-weddimg-photos-031prested hall wedding photosprested hall wedding photosprested-hall-weddimg-photos-034prested-hall-weddimg-photos-035Click here for part two of their Prested Hall wedding photos

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