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Pool Party Provence – The Day After Party!

Pool Party Provence – The Day After Party!


So I thought I’d blog about sunnier times (Pool Party Provence!!!!  It’s February and freezing cold today but this should warm you up.  Last June I covered James and Claire’s amazing wedding at Chateau Grand Bois in Provence.  See the wedding here.  But after that increible day they asked me to stay and shoot their pool party.  It was awesome! DJ poolside, games of badminton, BBQ and of course lots of swimming, chilling, drinking and eating.  If you are getting married in the south of France and your guests have travelled all this way to see you, it’s a great idea to make the most of them.

One thing I do when shooting any event is to blend in; become a trusted insider.  Not only is it more fun but because you can be close to people, you get better pictures.  So rather than stay at the edge with a long lens, I prefer to get amongst the action.

Here are some of my favourites from the afternoon…

wedding BBQ provence wedding Photographer France Pool Party Provence Chateau Grand Bois Guests play badminton guests dancing at chateau pool party BBQ Provence Pool Party Provence Bride at Pool Party Provence guests by pool guest dives into pool guests chatting pool party provence sun hat portrait photographer provence guests chat at pool party in provence Pool Party Provence

wedding Photographer France

The new Mr and Mrs!

party in provence drunk guests in pool

wedding Photographer France

I always try and do a “Survivors” photo either at the very end of the night or the next day. This was theirs!

The band take a well earned break.

pool party photos guests drinking fly over provence

man falls in pool with champagne

There was a short speech before this brave manoeuvre.

pool party provence pool party provence

Shots at pool party provence

I was invited to take part in this lethal cocktail “The Potters Bar”. Whilst everyone downed theirs, I promptly passed my to the guy next to me!  I was driving!

Congratulations to Claire and James! Wonderful weekend to be a part of, so great to meet all your friends and family.

If you are having a Pool Party Provence get in touch.

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