London Waldorf Hotel wedding

London Waldorf Hotel Wedding

London Waldorf Hotel Wedding – Jo & Dan’s Amazing Day.

Part one.

I had been looking forward to Dan and Jo’s London Waldorf Hotel Wedding for ages.  We had planned, we had spoken and now at last the day was almost there.  The day didn’t get off to the most amazing start for me, I had lost power during the night due to the ferocious storms.  This meant driving around at gone midnight trying to find someone with power to finish charging my camera batteries for the wedding the next day.  It was a very scary hour!  But lucky my friend’s son came to the rescue.  The next morning the power was still off.  Now I love to look nice when shooting weddings, I hate tuning up looking scruffy and so washing my hair in the sink, with no blow dry afterwards was frankly horrifying!  But as long as I could get there, it would all be OK because the most important thing was capturing Dan and Jo’s day.

Well, what a day it was.  It was my first time shooting a London Waldorf Hotel Wedding – which is suprising to say the least, after 21 years of shooting in and around London, you would have thought the Waldorf would have surfaced by now.  With this is mind, I arrived an hour early to meet the amazing events manager Delphine Boisard, who shows me around.  I then formed a plan of where I was going to shoot Jo and Dan’s couples pictures and groups.  The Palm Court where the ceremony was being held and also where the meal was going to be was fantastic, filled with gorgeous natural light.  Perfect for the groups and also for some couple’s portraits.

I knew Jo was keen on having some pictures outside and at the time the weather wasn’t great, a drizzle.  But if it cleared up I’d decided to use the entrance of The Waldorf Hilton.  It had some lovely features and I was sure that with the right angles, I could lose most of the public which were in the street.

So with my plan in place, it was now time to go and see Jo and the girls.  I have split this post into two, because there was just so much to share.  So here are my favourites from Jo and Dan’s London Waldorf Hotel Wedding….

brides accessories at The London Waldorf

Jo’s diamond jewelry looked great using the dark ash table in her suite.

Christian Louboutins at the waldorf London

I saw this picture of Marlene Dietrich and thought Jo’s beautiful Christian Louboutins would look at home in the foreground. Glamour, glamour and more glamour!


bride getting ready the London Waldorf wedding

The final touches before Jo puts on her dress.

Jo gives her bridesmaids their gifts.
Jo gives her bridesmaids their gifts.


I loved Jo's choice of flowers.

I loved Jo’s choice of flowers.

London-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-011London-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-012London-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-013Bride getting dressed at London Waldorf Hotel weddingLondon-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-015

Jo's Dad see's her for the first time.

Jo’s Dad see’s her for the first time.

Bride and groom before London Waldorf Hotel wedding

Palm Court before London Waldorf Hotel wedding

Palm court – totally amazing!


Jo's niece - a very young flower girl - so cute!

Jo’s niece – a very young flower girl – so cute!


just before London Waldorf Hotel wedding

Dan waits at the top of the stairs in Palm Court.

London-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-023bridesmaids at London Waldorf Hotel

Jo makes her entrance.

Jo makes her entrance.

 London Waldorf Hotel wedding Dad gives daughter away

Love this one so much.

London-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-027London-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-028wedding ceremony at London Waldorf HotelLondon-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-030wedding in palm court London Waldorf HotelLondon-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-032 London Waldorf Hotel wedding

kiss at London Waldorf Hotel wedding


London-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-035London-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-036London-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-037London-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-038London-Waldorf-Hotel-wedding-039walking down the aisle wedding at London Waldorf Hotel

London Waldorf Hotel wedding

After Jo and Dan spent a few minutes alone, we started their couple’s pictures. I moved a few people from the doorways beforehand – luckily they were happy to oblige. The rain stayed away and I loved using the front of the hotel as a backdrop.

London wedding photography London Waldorf Hotel wedding

London Waldorf Hotel wedding

Jo and Dan was so easy to shoot.


wedding at the london waldorf

Love these.

London wedding photographer waldorf hotelPhotos at London Waldorf Hotel weddingbride and groom ourside London Waldorf Hotel weddingwinter wedding at the waldorf

If you want to see part two of the wedding please click here.

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