Kensington Roof Gardens wedding at night

Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding London

Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding – Wedding Photographer London

I was so excited to be shooting Jo and Jeremy’s Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding.

I adore Kensington Roof Gardens for weddings, it’s so quirky, modern and there seems to be a surprise around every corner.  It’s a little bit like transporting all your guests to a foreign land for the day (but without all the hassle!).  Who would have thought that in the middle of Kensington you could be on a rooftop sharing the company of pink flamingos, sipping cocktails in a sunken Spanish garden by the side of a babbling brook!  The weather was perfect and I really enjoyed working the light to make everything glow!  Finding good light is one element of wedding photography that sorts the wheat from the chaff – shoot anything in bad light and you’ll end up with a bad picture, it doesn’t matter if the moment/story of the picture is there.

Jo and Jeremy were fantastic to work with and I really enjoyed sharing their amazing wedding day with them.  I loved Jo’s choices of bridesmaid dresses, the colour orange worked so well with the Mediterranean feel of the venue.   Guests were treated to colourful cocktails while listening to a fantastic Mariachi band in the sun.  It was great fun to shoot some of the Jewish traditions that made up part of the day.

Here’s a few favourites from Jo and Jeremy’s Kensington Roof Garden’s wedding…

kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-001getting ready at Kensington Roof Gardens weddingkensington-roof-gardens-wedding-003kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-004kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-005kensington roof gardens wedding 007kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-006kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-007kensington roof gardens wedding 009kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-008

bride at Kensington Roof Gardens wedding

Jo looked so elegant, her style was reminiscent of a 40’s movie star – so simple and classic. Her beautiful fishtail gown was by designer San Patrick.

kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-010Kensington Roof Gardens wedding ceremonykensington-roof-gardens-wedding-012kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-013kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-014




orange bridesmaid dresses

The choice of orange for the bridesmaids was fantastic and really added to the vibrant Mediterranean feel of the whole wedding. These dresses were from Monsoon.

kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-022kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-023kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-024kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-025kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-026kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-027kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-028jewish wedding at Kensington Roof Gardenskensington-roof-gardens-wedding-030wedding dancing at Kensington Roof Gardens

wedding photos at Kensington Roof Gardens

I love the colours at Kensington Roof Gardens, there are so many possibilities for great wedding pictures. Jo, Jeremy and I spent 5 minutes shooting a few quick portraits of the the two of them before they went sat down for their wedding breakfast.

kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-033Kensington Roof Gardens wedding photosKensington Roof Gardens wedding photographerKensington Roof Gardens wedding photography

Kensington Roof Gardens wedding photos outside

I really enjoyed working the light in these portraits. Regular followers of my blog, will already know my love for soft romantic light – it’s so flattering.

Kensington Roof Gardens weddingKensington Roof Gardens wedding londonkensington-roof-gardens-wedding-040

Kensington Roof Gardens wedding catering

Jo and Jeremy’s guests were treated to a delicious barbecue. The barbecued fish was particularly good!

kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-042kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-043kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-044kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-045Kensington Roof Gardens wedding speecheskensington-roof-gardens-wedding-047

speeches at kensington roof gardens

Jeremy’s brothers (his best men) took great delight in telling some outrageous tales about him – I think their approach was to never let the truth get in the way of a good story!

kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-049kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-050kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-051kensington-roof-gardens-wedding-052Kensington Roof Gardens wedding at night

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Mariachi Mexteca
Stationery: Ditsy Chic

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