Hunton Park Wedding

Hunton Park Wedding

Hunton Park Wedding – Helen & Paul’s summer wedding

One of the nicest things about my job is when previous clients sing my praises and their friends decide to book me to shoot their day.   Helen and Paul were guests at a wedding I shot last December, the wedding of their good friends Jo and Ben.  It was after they saw me on the day and the pictures Jo and Ben received that they decided I was the right choice to cover their Hunton Park wedding.

Helen and I had a chat a few days before the day and she was naturally worried by the weather forecasted for their Saturday Hunton Park wedding.  It didn’t look great.  But I reassured her that no matter what the weather decided to do, she would have the best day ever and she need not worry about the pictures.  After all it had rained all day at Jo and Paul’s wedding!  But she didn’t have to worry – the weather was great.  In fact, it was the hottest day of the year so far!

It was my first time shooting a Hunton Park wedding.  It’s a grand red brick building with a permanent marquee at the back.  The grounds are stunning and vast.  Their marriage ceremony was held outside at the front.  All the guests used their order of services as fans!  It certainly was a hot one.

Drinks were served on the lawn at the back of the house and I took some beautifully arranged groups while the guests sipped their cool champagne.  It was a fun relaxed day and here are some of my favourites taken at their Hunton Park wedding….

Hunton ParkHunton-Park-Wedding-002Hunton-Park-Wedding-003Hunton-Park-Wedding-004Hunton-Park-Wedding-005Hunton Park Wedding photosHunton-Park-Wedding-007Hunton Park Wedding photosHunton-Park-Wedding-009Hunton-Park-Wedding-010Hunton-Park-Wedding-011Hunton-Park-Wedding-012

Lovely Helen.

Hunton-Park-Wedding-013Hunton-Park-Wedding-014Hunton Park WeddingHunton-Park-Wedding-016Hunton Park Wedding outsideHunton-Park-Wedding-018Hunton-Park-Wedding-019Hunton-Park-Wedding-020Hunton-Park-Wedding-021Hunton-Park-Wedding-022wedding photos Hunton Parkhunton parkdrinks at Hunton Park WeddingHunton Park WeddingHunton-Park-Wedding-027Hunton-Park-Wedding-028Hunton Park Wedding photographerThe paparazzi shooting over my shoulder.Hunton Park WeddingHunton Park Wedding photosHunton-Park-Wedding-032Hunton-Park-Wedding-033Hunton-Park-Wedding-034Hunton Park WeddingHunton-Park-Wedding-036Hunton Park WeddingHunton Park WeddingHunton-Park-Wedding-039Hunton-Park-Wedding-040Hunton-Park-Wedding-041Hunton Park WeddingHunton Park WeddingHunton Park WeddingHunton-Park-Wedding-045Hunton-Park-Wedding-046Hunton-Park-Wedding-047Hunton-Park-Wedding-048Hunton-Park-Wedding-049Hunton-Park-Wedding-050Hunton-Park-Wedding-051Hunton-Park-Wedding-052Hunton-Park-Wedding-053Hunton-Park-Wedding-054Hunton-Park-Wedding-055Hunton-Park-Wedding-056Hunton-Park-Wedding-057Hunton-Park-Wedding-058Hunton Park WeddingHunton-Park-Wedding-060Hunton-Park-Wedding-061Hunton Park Wedding guestsHunton Park WeddingHunton-Park-Wedding-064Hunton-Park-Wedding-065

These two lovely ladies were on my table.  🙂Hunton-Park-Wedding-066Hunton-Park-Wedding-067Hunton-Park-Wedding-068

Congratulations Helen & Paul!

Hunton Park wedding

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