Hengrave Hall Autumn wedding photos

Hengrave Hall Autumn Wedding

Hengrave Hall Autumn Wedding – Part 2 of Jenna & Craig’s wonderful day

If you missed part one of their Hengrave Hall Autumn Wedding click here.

Jenna & Craig’s beautiful Autumn wedding at Hengrave Hall continued with the couple’s wedding breakfast.  It had rained all afternoon and has their dinner was served, the sun came out.  So we nipped outside for 5 minutes, between starter and main course, to do some very quick portraits.  More often than not, you can always find a dry 5 minutes even if it does rain.  I think if you book an Hengrave Hall Autumn Wedding – you at least want a great picture with the house in the background.  It’s such a beautiful sight!

One thing I noticed about Jenna and Craig was their fondness for surprises!  Each had told me of a surprise planned for the other.  And first up was Jenna’s surprise for Craig.  The brilliant “Secret Singers”.  The guys pose as waiters and then burst into song after they have served the meals!  They were great and really made the guests laugh.  I was even taken in by them, I asked one for a coke and he said “We only have Pepsi, is that OK?”.  Convincing!

The second surprise was the wonderful slideshow that Jenna’s Dad had organised.  Craig asked me to catch Jenna’s reaction.  It was a lovely thing to shoot.  After all the excitement of the speeches it was time for the couple to take to the dancefloor.

Here are my favourite pictures from their Hengrave Hall Autumn Wedding…

wedding at hengrave hall

Beverley from Jades Flower Design did an insanely good job of making the room look incredible!

hengrave hall wedding photos

Cake at hengrave hall wedding

The cup cakes were by Apple Tree Cakes & Crafts

hengrave hall floristsHengrave Hall Autumn weddinghengrave hall top tablehengrave hall wedding flowersHengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-008

hengrave hall weddings

This made me laugh – note the photographer AND the videographer photo-bombing the selfie.

Jenna and Craig make their entrance.

Jenna and Craig make their entrance.

Hengrave Hall Autumn weddingHengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-012

Love Hengrave Hall Autumn weddings!!

Love Hengrave Hall Autumn weddings!!

Hengrave Hall Autumn wedding photosHengrave Hall Autumn weddingHengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-016wedding at Hengrave Hallhengrave hallHengrave Hall Autumn weddingHengrave Hall weddings

secret singers at wedding

The secret singers in action.

Hengrave Hall Autumn Wedding

Hengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-022Hengrave Hall Autumn weddingHengrave Hall documentary weddingshengrave hall wedding photographerSecret SingersHengrave Hall Autumn weddingHengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-028Hengrave Hall Autumn wedding speechesHengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-030speeches at Hengrave Hall weddingHengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-032Hengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-037Hengrave Hall wedding photosHengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-034Hengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-035Ouch! speech at hengrave hall wedding
Hengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-038Hengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-039Hengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-040Hengrave-Hall-Autumn-Wedding-041Hengrave Hall Autumn wedding

Father and daughter dance at Hengrave Hall.

Father and daughter dance.

Hengrave Hall

As I left Hengrave, I noticed an eerie mist had decended and thought I’d take the opportunity to get the camera out of the bag and shoot it.

Hengrave Hall Autumn weddingHengrave Hall in moonlight

Congratulations Jenna & Craig!

Thanks for letting me share such a beautiful day with you.

Hengrave Hall Autumn Wedding

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