Hampton Court House wedding photos

Hampton Court House wedding Photos – First Look

Hampton Court House wedding Photos

This week I had the great pleasure of being asked to shoot Amy and Joe’s Hampton Court House wedding Photos.  I love it as a venue bit haven’t worked there for quite a while.  It has a wonderfully relaxed vibe about it.

The light coming though the huge orangery is just gorgeous and perfect for any couple’s Hampton Court House wedding Photos.

As regular visitors to my blogsite will know, I like to give you a little taste of what is coming up and this week – Amy and Joe’s Hampton Court House wedding photos include a picture which I wanted to talk about.

Photographing a wedding as a story is all about observation and timing.  When I’m shooting I’m looking out for pictures that will remind my clients of moments in their day.  Add all these moments up and they could be back there, re-living it!  When the day is over, you want nothing more than to go back and do it all again.  I hope to capture moments that they remember, the moments they might of missed as well as ones they have forgotten all about.  Because, in my mind, good wedding photography should be about amazing moments.

Capturing a well timed picture is not luck, it’s about putting yourself in the right place at the right time.  In the shot below, I saw Amy and Joe chatting to their friends and I wanted to take a picture that would remind them of this time.  When you take one picture, you can also unlock lots of other memories associated with that time too.  So even though, I don’t know what they were talking about by capturing this moment Amy and Joe will be able to remember and that’s what I’m after.

Hampton Court House wedding photos

 I love the expressions and body language in this picture.  I don’t know what the lady in purple revealed but I know what ever it was – it was a shocker!!

Look out for the rest of Amy and Joe’s pictures later this week!

Hampton Court House wedding photos


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