Gherkin Wedding Photos

Gherkin Wedding Photos

Gherkin Wedding Photos – Jennifer & Alex’s Fantastic Day

Jennifer and Alex asked me to take their Gherkin Wedding Photos after their friends recommended me.  I was excited to do it, as despite shooting weddings all over London, I had never visited the Gherkin.  Alex and Jennifer wanted natural, storytelling coverage that captured the feel feel and emotion of the day.  We did shoot a few groups and posed pictures but they were shot really quickly, so they could get back to enjoying the party.

My day started at Jennifer’s hotel with her getting ready.

blusher brush on brides brides hair piece little girl has her hair done girls look at their giftsThe girls gifts were all personalised perfume from Penhaligons.
The Gherkin London Roof of the Gherkin London Gherkin Wedding Photos Table plan for wedding at the Gherkin

Groom arrives for his Gherkin Wedding Photos

The groom Alex arrives with his friends

button hole going on The Groom smiles Groom talks to ushers and bestman bridesmaids peak out Feet at wedding at The Gherkin

bridesmaids look at the view from the gherkin

The view from the Gherkin is amazing and the children were fascinated with leaning on the windows (while the adults went pale and said – Don’t lean on it!)

The view of Tower Bridge from the Gherkin

lucky sixpence

Lucky sixpence

kids play at the Gherkin everyone smiling before the wedding at the gherkin introductions Friend of bride laughing at wedding at the gherkin

guests at wedding at the gherkin london

Guests gathered for a quick drink before heading upstairs for the ceremony in the roof of The Gherkin.

London wedding venue Gherkin climbing the gherkin Groom waits for his bride cheeky bridesmaids pull faces bridesmaid walks down the aisle

bride walks down the aisle on the arm of her Dad at The Gherkin

Jennifer looked amazing as she made her way down the aisle.

Gherkin Wedding Photos Gherkin Wedding Photos Gherkin Wedding Photography Couple listen to reading bestman gets rings bride looks at groom during their wedding at the gherkin groom smiles at bride during vows first kiss married at the Gherkin signing the register The Gherkin Gherkin Wedding Photos Gherkin Wedding Photos

bridesmaid at the gherkin

It was downstairs for the drinks reception after the wedding ceremony. Guests were treated to champagne, canapés and a great view.

baby at the gherkin friends hug at the gherkin groom laughs at the gherkin bride during drinks reception at the Gherkin Gherkin Wedding Photos canapés Wedding at the Gherkin during the drinks reception kids at weddings gherkin weddings women laugh grandparents chatting mums laughing friends laughing Gherkin Wedding Photos

The tables were all different landmarks visible from the top of The Gherkin.

Cake at The Gherkin London tables at the gherkin wedding set up at the gherkin Gherkin Wedding Photography

Gherkin Wedding Photographer

My client’s didn’t want loads and loads of groups and posed pictures, so we did a few simple groups and some stuff with the two of them. Shooting this huge group made my knees knock a little.  Especially as I’m up on table to get this angle and there was only a very tiny barrier which I had to lean over.

Gherkin Wedding PhotographyLove the simplicity of this.
Gherkin Wedding Photographer Gherkin Wedding PhotosLoved the plain background on these images.
london wedding photographer

Gherkin Wedding Photos

Adore this one. I love the way she is looking at him.

guy whistling

The couple make their entrance to applause (and loud whistles!)

couple enter meal at the gherkin champagne toast bride chatting

Dads speech at The Gherkin

Everyone went back downstairs for the speeches.

guests listen Father of the bride speech at the gherkin cheers grooms speech groom speaking guests listen to speeches bestman's speech raising a glass wedding band The Gherkin First dance at The Gherkin Gherkin Wedding Photos Gherkin Wedding Photography Gherkin Wedding PhotographerCongratulations Jennifer & Alex.  If you would like me to shoot your Gherkin Wedding Photos, get in touch, I would love to hear about your plans.

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