Gaynes Park Wedding

Gaynes Park Wedding Photography – First Look – Allison & Neil

Gaynes Park Wedding Photography

 This weeks “First Look” gives you a small glimpse of Allison & Neil’s Gaynes Park Wedding Photography.

I’ve been photographing weddings for 21 years this year and have shot in most places, so it was a real treat to visit a venue I’ve not been to before, Gaynes Park.  What a lovely place it is.  The contemporary barn is stylish and has ample room.  The orangery, where ceremonies are often held is bright and airy.  The grounds were full of little touches and surprises.  The garden hadn’t really got started but I still found a great spot with a beautiful cherry blossom for their Gaynes Park Wedding Photography.

We were also lucky with the weather.  It’s been dreadful of late and it was brilliant to get just a little sunshine for a change.

I’ve chosen three pictures this week for my “first look” at Allison and Neil’s Gaynes Park Wedding Photography…

The first one I can imagine as a huge print in a gorgeous frame on a wall.  It has gorgeous colours, wonderful scale and a really sweet pose.  I saw the blossom tree and the contrast with the tree behind it and knew it would look stunning.  I asked Allison and Neil to sit on the bench.  The daffodils are a great addition and scream “Spring Wedding!!”

Gaynes Park wedding photography

The second image I chose because it was so reactionary.  I heard the red arrow coming and just pointed up and shot it.

I love the contrast of the red plane and blue sky.

Gaynes Park wedding photography

The last image from their Gaynes Park Wedding Photography was shot through a hole in a gate.

I like that it’s such an unusual picture and I adore the sweetness of the pose.
Gaynes Park wedding photography

I shall be sharing more images from Allison and Neil’s amazing day next week.  In addition, I get to spend some more time with them at their glamorous party later this month.

A big thanks to Bernadette from Dream Occasions for all her help on the day.  She’s the best!

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