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Domaine Saint Germain Wedding

Domaine Saint Germain Wedding – Sam & Jen’s incredible day!


Anyone having a Domaine Saint Germain Wedding has picked one of the most heavenly places on earth.  It’s a very special spot.  In the middle of the French countryside near the pretty town of Sommieres. Surrounded by olive groves and vineyards with views across to Pic Saint Loup. A place to completely relax, with comfortable modern accommodation and a lovely vibe.  The stunning grounds include an infinity pool which takes in those views to die for.

The scene was set for Sam and Jen’s Domaine Saint Germain Wedding! I was really excited for them.  Friends and family had flown in from all over the world. When I shoot a wedding my number one goal is to produce a set of images that will take my couples back to that day.  A wedding day goes past in a blink of an eye and when it’s all over, all you want is to do it again.  So I hope that my pictures in some way can transport my clients back there.  That’s why 90% of what I shoot is completely natural and unposed.  My couples can just have an amazing day without being bossed around by someone with their own agenda.  Sure, we pause for a few images of the two of you and some family groups but these are shot quickly and with minimal fuss.

The day started with Sam’s preparations…

Domaine Saint Germain Wedding Photography

View of Pic Saint Loup from Domaine Saint Germain Domaine Saint Germain Groom putting on shoes for Domaine Saint Germain wedding Groom puts on tie Groom ready for his Domaine Saint Germain Wedding Dress hanging up Bride having earrings put in Gilrs in flowery dressing gowns at Domaine Saint Germain Wedding Bride getting dressed many hands putting on dress bride ready for her wedding at Domaine Saint Germain girls getting ready bride looking at the back of her dress in a mirror bridesmaid helping bride with hair girls through a door at Domaine Saint Germaine close up of bride Domaine Saint Germaine outdoor wedding ceremony set up guests arrive at Domaine Saint Germain Boys ready for the wedding. Tan suits with bow ties bride getting ready bride puts on perfume Father of the bride sees his daughter for the first time Bride hugs Dad hug between father and daughter before her wedding

Ray Thatcher celebrant

The amazing Ray Thatcher was conducting the ceremony. He always makes it so special and personal. I love working with him and his wife Cherry.

guests waiting for the bride master of ceremonies makes announcements

bestman and groom

Sam and his brother and bestman, wait patiently.

parents of the groom bridesmaids in blue The bride walks down the aisle on the arm of her father

Wedding ceremony at Domaine Saint Germain

It was pretty breezy during the ceremony. Ray very sensibly asked the couple to swap sides, so Jen wasn’t battling the wind and her hair during their vows.

Domaine Saint Germaine Wedding ceremony outdoors wedding vows at Domaine Saint Germain outside ceremony at Domaine Saint Germain Wedding readings at wedding exchange of vows parents of the bride The rings exchange of rings wide shot of the exchange of rings

the loving cup wedding ceremony

Ray serves up a glass of blanquette as part of the “loving cup” part of the ceremony.

blanquette bride takes a sip from the loving cup Bride and groom are pronounced man and wife bride and groom kiss for the first time guesrts clap

friends perform at wedding

Sam and Jen’s friends performed while they signed their certificate.

Walking down the aisle at Domaine Saint Germain confetti in hand Domaine Saint Germain wedding confetti Domaine Saint Germain Wedding confetti

bride and groom kiss at Domaine Saint Germaine Wedding

Sam and Jen share a moment as their wedding reception starts.

guest hugs bride bride chatting to guests All the guests in the courtyard of Domaine Saint Germain guest in green dress guests at wedding reception Domaine Saint Germain

Wedding Photographer France

If i shoot a group, I want it to look so stylish and elegant. I loved using the parasols that Jen had provided for guests to shelter from the strong sun in the south of France.

Bridesmaids in blue

table names

The couple’s tables were places they had visited in France.

Domaine Saint Germaine wedding set up flowers on window sill log slices for weddings Domaine Saint Germaine tables center pices at rustic wedding Domaine Saint Germaine table hire guests talking woman laughing man smiling guests relax by the pool guests drinking courtyard at Saint Germaine bride at Domaine Saint Germaine wedding drinks reception at Domaine Saint Germaine the groom talking with friends

stylish wedding south of france

I spent 5 minutes doing some quick portraits of these very stylish couples!

Domaine Saint Germain wedding reception

grasshopper at wedding

This chap enjoyed the wedding and seemed quite content to spend his time leaping from guest to guest.

Wedding Photographer Domaine Saint Germaine

At the end of the drinks reception we took 15 minutes to make these beautiful pictures of Sam and Jen.
I choose gentle direction, as opposed to anything cheesy. I still want my portraits to have a very natural feel.

wedding pictures at Domaine Saint Germain France south of France wedding Domaine Saint Germaine Wedding photos Best wedding photographer france olive grove wedding pictures Domaine Saint Germaine wedding photographer

Domaine Saint Germaine Wedding Photographer

The olive grove was a great place to shoot in. I waited until the sunlight was soft and flattering.

wedding photographer Domaine Saint Germain Domaine Saint Germain wedding wedding photography France photographer Domaine Saint GermainDomaine Saint Germaine Wedding Photographyolive grove wedding pictures France Domaine Saint Germain Domaine Saint Germain photos Domaine Saint Germaine WeddingDomaine Saint Germain weddingsCouples pictures france close up pictures of the bride and groom at Domaine Saint Germaine close up pictures in black and white The courtyard at Domaine Saint Germain

couple enter wedding breakfast south of france wedding

Sam and Jen make their entrance for the wedding breakfast.

guests clap more guests clap still clapping

Pic Saint Loup sunset

Pic Saint Loup in the distance across the infinity pool.

Jen and her mum look at the wedding time for the speeches

guests going crazy at wedding

Each table was introduced. Some of them made quite an impact!

guests screaming father of the bride speech toast at wedding grooms speech guests listening to speeches guests smiling wedding guests at domaine saint germain domaine saint germaine shotsguests cheerguests at domaine saint germaine wedding guests toast to the couple bestman speech guesrs laughing groom looks embarrassed bride and groom laughing boys raise a glass Tower of cheese south of France night time at Mas Saint Germaine Cutting the Cheese cake cutting cheese tower first dance at domaine saint germain wedding dancing at domaine Mas Saint Germain close up of bride and groom dancing Couple dance couple invite others to join intwo girls dancing at domaine saint germain weddingbride hugs friend groom is forced to drink wine girls singingparty timegroom dancing guests dancingBandboys dancing girl screams granny dancing at domaine saint germaine wedding girls laughing groom dancing groom singing groom laughing

smashed glass

This made me laugh. Oh dear Sam!

groom documentary wedding photography France last kiss at domaine saint germain wedding last picture of the weddingA huge congratulations to you both Sam and Jen.  I loved being part of your day at Mas Saint Germain.

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