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Couples Photoshoot London – The One with the Red dress!

I adore couples who really think about their outfits for their couples photoshoot London!  Ishita chose the most amazing red dress to celebrate their time in London together.  I got her to dance in that dress, twirl in that dress and own that dress!! If you have a red dress and you are going to wear it for a photoshoot….you have to commit fully!

It doesn’t really matter why you want a couples photoshoot in London, an engagement, an anniversary or just for some cool pictures of the two of you.  I’ve been shooting in London for my couples for a long while and when someone comes along, I try to create images that reflect my clients personalities.  A set of pictures that take you back to the time you spent together in London.  Instagram worthy pictures, pictures that can be blown up, celebrated, framed.

We had a fab day, weather wise and I picked some great locations that would suit my clients.  Big Ben has been wrapped up under scaffolding for ages and ages and so I’ve had to find new locations, I love the locations in this particular photo shoot.

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