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Cote d’Azur Photographer- The wedding party at Le clos saint Estève


It had already been an amazing day with Victoria and Alasdair as their Cote d’Azur Photographer. But now it was time for any formalities to be over and for the party to begin.  Wow, what a party it was. Everyone was up for having a brilliant time.  I love photographing people having a blast, nothing is quite as much fun! But in order to get such fun pictures, you need all the right ingredients. Alasdair and Victoria’s wedding had those ingredients.  The guests were up for a laugh and had booked incredible entertainment.  The stars of the evening were indeed the amazing Troubadours.  They went table to table during the meal and played their hearts out.  They were duly rewarded; the guests loved them and soon everyone was on their feet and dancing the night away.  Such fun to shoot.

The band led the guests through to the tent where the party continued.  Ollie, the DJ did a superb job. It’s rare I compliment a DJ, in fact I don’t think I ever have but he was excellent and kept the dancefloor filled the whole night. It makes my job so much easier when everyone is having a great night, I have stuff to shoot! Well done guys.  Also, a huge thanks to all the people who were good sports and didn’t mind me shooting pictures of them a little worse for wear.  I finished at 4am and ended the night with the “survivors” photo.

Another thank you to the amazing Stephanie from Weddings of Excellence in Provence for all her help and hard work.

Being Victoria and Alasdair’s Cote d’Azur Photographer was an incredible experience and I loved every minute.  Congratulations guys and all the best for a wonderful future.

Love Kerry x

 Cote d'Azur Photographer monte carlo party photographer Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-002

Cote d'Azur Photographer

The Troubadours entertained the guest – who decided a conga line was the order of the day.

Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-005 Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-006 Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-007 Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-008 monte carlo party photographer Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-010

provence wedding photos

Victoria’s Dad had been so ill, he did not make the ceremony. But everyone was elated to see him finally appear has the party started. The band played “My Girl” as Victoria walked in on the arm of her Dad.

documentary wedding photographer France Cote d'Azur Photographer documentary wedding photographer Provence documentary wedding photographer French Riviera Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-017 Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-018 Troubadours French Riviera Band provence party photos Troubadours French Riviera Band Troubadours French Riviera Band Troubadours French Riviera Band Troubadours French Riviera Band Cote d'Azur Party Photographer monte carlo party photographer Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-027
I managed to light these shots by bouncing flash off a tree truck behind me!Troubadours French Riviera BandCake of cheese FranceCote-d'Azur-Photographer-030

party photographer south of france

The band lead the wedding guests over to the tent for the first dance.

Provence wedding first dance french wedding Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-034 monte carlo party photographer Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-036 cannes party photographer

cannes party photographer

It’s about to get messy….

limbo at wedding props at wedding nice france party photographe Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-042 provence party photographer provence party photographer monte carlo party photographer provence party photographernice france party photographemonte carlo party photographer Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-049 Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-050 Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-051 Cote d'Azur Photographer Cote-d'Azur-Photographer-053 provence party photographer monte carlo party photographer nice france party photographe nice france party photographe
The survivors 4am. Party photographer provence

Thanks to everyone who made this such a great wedding! You guys rock.

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