Chinese wedding photographer

Chinese wedding photographer London

Chinese wedding photographer London

Being a Chinese wedding photographer London has it’s challenges – they start early and finish late but I love the passion and intimacy of these gorgeous weddings.  Anly and Phillip chose me as their Chinese wedding photographer and I was so excited to be shooting their day.

It started at the brides house.  The boys arrive and are obstructed by the bride’s entourage, who then demand money and give the guys games and forfeits to undertake.  It was so cool to shoot – the girls were harsh!

The best way I can explain it is to show you!  Here’s what happened at the start of Anly and Phillip’s Chinese wedding…

chinese wedding london

One for all, and all for one. The boys show solidarity before the games begin.

chinese wedding games

The bride’s entourage decided the guys should pass dried seaweed from mouth the mouth and for those that failed the task, they prepared a rather foul drink as a penalty. They thought it might have been vinegar but it was in fact chilli infused vodka. I love some of the expressions!

chinese-photographer-london-003chinese-photographer-london-004chinese-photographer-london-005chinese wedding londonIt’s moments like this that make being a Chinese wedding photographer London such fun!


chinese wedding london

Next the girls dished out nappies filled with a horrible concoction.

documentary chinese wedding photographerchinese wedding gameschinese-photographer-london-011

london wedding photographer

People came out of their flats to watch the games.

Chinese wedding photographer london

The groom had to wear a banana while the rest of his friends had to eat it.

chinese wedding peckham

chinese wedding london

The view from an upstairs window.

chinese weddings london

They then had to guess the brides favourite ballard and sing it really loudly so she could hear it while she was getting ready.


Chinese wedding photographer

Now the groom had to re-enact the moment he proposed.

chinese dragon hire london

Time for the Chinese dragon to march down the road to the bride’s house.

chinese wedding in london

Everyone came out to watch.

Chinese wedding londonlondon wedding peckham onlookersdragon troop london

Chinese wedding londonChinese wedding photos

Chinese wedding london photos

The bride is escorted from her house by the groom.

Chinese dragon wedding london

The atmosphere was amazing with the sound of the drums and the dancing dragon.

Chinese dragon wedding london

Next it was off to Peckham Rye for some pictures of the bride and groom.

Chinese wedding photographer

I love shooting at this time of year. Using flowers in pictures is something I try and do a lot. So pretty and romantic.

Chinese wedding photographer london

Anly looked amazing

Chinese wedding photographer london

Chinese wedding photographer london

Love this one!

Chinese wedding photographer londonChinese wedding photographer londonChinese wedding photographer londonChinese wedding photographer londonChinese wedding photographer londonChinese wedding londonChinese wedding photographer londonChinese wedding london

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