Chateau Roquelune Wedding Photography

Chateau Roquelune Wedding

Chateau Roquelune Wedding

Hannah & Christopher’s Chateau Roquelune Wedding was so much fun.  Chateau Roquelune is a truly stunning venue just outside Pezenas.  It really does have that Wow factor.  The weather wasn’t quite as wow as the venue! It rained all morning and the couple had planned an outdoor ceremony.  Hannah had her heart set on it.  Then about 5 minutes before she was due to walk down the aisle, it stopped.  Chairs were dried and the outdoor ceremony carried on as planned.  The amazing Ray Thatcher of Words and Wishes was there acting as celebrant.  Mollie McVey took care of make up.  Gilles Jamault took care of the food.  His “car-be-que” was a lovely touch!

The day was fantastic and despite the lack of sunshine, everyone had an incredible time.  Hannah and Christopher beamed from ear to ear and were a pleasure to shoot for. I loved using the planting around the chateau to give their pictures romance and colour.  I hope I will be back at Chateau Roquelune soon – it really was a beautiful setting to create images in.

Chateau Roquelune Wedding

The beautiful Chateau Roquelune near Pezenas.

Wedding dress hanging at Chateau Roquelune Wedding bride getting her hair dome

hair and make up pezenas

In charge of the make up was the amazing Mollie McVey.

Chateau Roquelune Wedding photographer

bride in black and white at Chateau Roquelune Wedding

Hannah waits patiently looking out of the window and willing it to stop raining, so she can have the outdoor ceremony that she wanted so much.

rain at Chateau Roquelune Wedding

The guests arrive under the cover of umbrellas.

bridesmaids toast with champagne champagne glasses bride at Chateau Roquelune

wedding party at Chateau Roquelune

The bridal party make their way to the ceremony.

Groom waits for his bride at Chateau Roquelune Wedding Walking down the aisle at Chateau Roquelune Chateau Roquelune Wedding ceremony outside

wedding ceremony at Chateau Roquelune

The couple exchange wedding vows.

outdoor ceremony at Chateau Roquelune Wedding brude and groom listen to readings

Ray Thatcher

The lovely Ray Thatcher from Words and Wishes conducted the ceremony at their Chateau Roquelune Wedding.

The couple exchanged rings had a hand fasting and a sand ceremony to seal the deal.

hand fasting Chateau Roquelune Wedding parents watch The ceremony rope out door ceremony wedding venue pezenas sand ceremony couple look into each others eyes couple getting married at Chateau Roquelune Wedding

Chateau Roquelune Wedding marriage


signing the register at Chateau Roquelune close up of signing couple walk to the drinks reception hugs for the couple the bride laughing hugs for the groom guests blow bubbles more guests blow bubbles

Chateau Roquelune Wedding

The couple walk up to be greeting by their assembled guests blowing bubbles.

bride and groom at Chateau Roquelune bubbles at Chateau Roquelune Chateau Roquelune Wedding Photographer wedding at chateau Roquelune bride hugs friend rose wine at pezenas wedding


The is the amazing Car-be-que!

wedding photos Chateau Roquelune Wedding drinks reception at chateau near pezenas

ice cream at wedding

Ice creams were the perfect way to cool down.

guests having fun kids at weddings close up of baby at wedding car-be-que pezenas

documentary wedding photographer france

This made me laugh.

baby and beer playing frizbee snacks Chateau Roquelune Wedding Chateau Roquelune Wedding Photography black and white Chateau Roquelune Wedding Pictures Chateau Roquelune Wedding Photographer Chateau Roquelune Wedding Photos Chateau Roquelune Wedding Photography English Speaking Wedding Photographer Pezanas Chateau Roquelune Wedding Chateau Roquelune Real Wedding bride and groom pictures Chateau Roquelune Wedding wedding photography Chateau Roquelune Chateau Roquelune wedding pictures Chateau Roquelune Wedding Photos wedding photography at Chateau Roquelune
Bride gets into boat

bride and groom in boat

The couple took a quick paddle around the little lake at Chateau Roquelune.

Chateau Roquelune Weddings Chateau Roquelune Wedding lake Group picture of all the guests at Chateau Roquelune Wedding The marquue at Chateau Roquelune table decorations shots of the tables

wedding cake pezenas

Hannah’s friend made her cake.

couple enter reception food father of the brides speech best mans speech grooms speech flower girl documentary wedding photographer France Chateau Roquelune Wedding speeches bride laughing guests toasting best man giving speech couple laughing groom laughing cake cut first dance Chateau Roquelune Wedding couple dancing first dance looking at each other moody lighting dancing crying at Chateau Roquelune WeddingCongratulations Hannah and Christopher.

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