Chateau Provence Wedding

Chateau Provence Wedding

Chateau Provence Wedding – The Beautiful Wedding of James & Candice

James and Candice’s Chateau Provence Wedding was a huge pleasure to shoot.  The Chateau in the pretty village of Saint Maximum near Uzes is simply stunning.  On the very edge of the Languedoc-Rousillion and almost in Provence, it’s ideal for a wedding or gathering with friends.  I loved shooting this wedding and I hope it shows in the images.  Candice and James were a pleasure to be around.  The whole day was full of laughter and smiles.  A huge thanks to Sam Sharma event planner (Elsewhere) and talented chef Theo Michaels who were both amazing.

Candice looked absolutely stunning and did not stop smiling. We had a few showers but even those didn’t dampen the spirits at their Chateau Provence Wedding.

Chateau Provence near Uzes

The Chateau Provence near Uzes has the most stunning views from the chateau windows.

The gorgeous pool looked so inviting.

Chateau Provence wedding ceremony

Ceremony space all set up.

Chateau Provence welcome drinks area

This was the area for the welcome drinks.

The girls get ready at Chateau Provence

The girls got ready upstairs in the chateau.

wedding ring Chateau Provence Candice the bride gets ready at Chateau Provence

Green Bridal shoes

How cool are Candice’s green shoes!

groom with tartan trousers

Here shoes went perfectly with her grooms trousers. A nod to the Scottish heritage.

The groom at Chateau Provence Real wedding at Chateau Provence Bride puts on makeup silhouette of the bride putting on lipstick bride puts on perfume Candice puts on earrings Chateau Provence wedding bride getting ready Bridesmaids adjusting hair The bridesmaids Chateau Provence wedding bride gets into dress bride getting dressed at Chateau Provence wedding tying dress

nervous bride at Chateau Provence wedding

Nerves kicking in!

bride's dad sees her for the first time

Candice’s Dad sees her for the first time in her dress.

Bride and Dad Bride and Bridemaids The bride ready at Chateau Provence wedding

Chateau Provence wedding

Candice waits nervously with her father.

James waits with his groomsmen

Chateau Provence wedding ceremony

Candice makes her way to the ceremony.

the groom waits for the bride wedding at chateau provence saint maimum wedding ceremony at chateau provence saint maimum

wedding candle

A candle is lit for those who are no longer with us.

chateau provence real wedding

As the ceremony went on the sound of house martins filled the space.

chateau provence near uzes wedding

wedding wedding at chateau provence saint maimum

Love the way James is looking at Candice.

 areading wedding vows bride says vows bridesmaids watch exchange of rings

wine ceremony

Candice and James had a wine ceremony included. You mix white wine and red wine and take a sip and it symbolises the joining of the couple.

bride drinking wine in ceremony signing the register wedding at chateau provence saint maimum wedding at chateau provence saint maimum signing hands first kiss at wedding at chateau provence saint maimum

bride walks up stairs

It was spitting, so everyone headed inside for drinks.

bride and groom

food and drinks reception

One of the many highlights for the guests was the amazing food.

drinks inside girls laughing

wedding at chateau provence uzes

The rain stopped and we went outside to get some pictures of Candice and James.

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couple enter meal

The couple make their entrance.

guests clap guests clapping

These delicious sharing boards made the perfect starter.

Father of the bride speech

Candice’s father gives his speech.

close up of speech guests listen to speech


Theo the chef was busy in the kitchen, preparing the must incredible food for everyone. Him and his team were a pleasure to have around.

fish dish guest cheering bride at chateau provence wedding uzes

Embarrassing photo


guests laugh bride listens brides speech desserts food at chateau provence uzes best mans speech more speaking

croquembouche provence

Theo brings out the spectacle that is the traditional croquembouche

croquembouche france sparklers cutting croquembouche croquembouche dancing first dance dancing at provence wedding dancing at provence weddings groom lifts bride everyone dancesCongratulations Candice & James!!

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  • Maria Assia 23/05/2018  

    Wow what a gorgeous venue and wedding

  • Sharron Gibson 23/05/2018  

    OMG – gorgeous! That venue! Beautiful work Kerry. They must be thrilled.

  • Ally Stuart 23/05/2018  

    Gorgeous! I love everything about this wedding. What a beautiful wedding dress!
    Well done Kerry.

  • Andrew Younger 23/05/2018  

    WOW I bet Candice and James loved those wedding images, what a venue. If I get married again i’m going to wear tartan trousers. You are Superb wedding photographer.

  • Kerry Morgan 23/05/2018  

    Thanks so much!

  • Kerry Morgan 23/05/2018  

    Thanks Ally!

  • Kerry Morgan 23/05/2018  

    Thank you!

  • James DAVIDSON 24/05/2018  

    Stunning, as always, Kerry. Fantastic wedding, so elegant and brilliantly captured!

  • Frances Carlisle 24/05/2018  

    Wow, what a gorgeous setting! Must have been a dream to shoot 🙂

  • Rob Dodsworth 25/05/2018  

    Good gosh this is absolutely stunning! Fabulous storytelling imagery!

  • Duncan Kerridge 25/05/2018  

    Just lovely Kerry, what a gorgeous spot!

  • Theo 28/05/2018  

    Love the photos Kerry! Amazing photo skills! (food looked awesome!) xx

  • Kerry Morgan 28/05/2018  

    Thanks Theo!

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