chateau grand bois wedding

Chateau Grand Bois Wedding

Chateau Grand Bois Wedding – The beautiful wedding of Claire & James


It’s hard to know where to start with James and Claire’s beautiful Chateau Grand Bois Wedding; it was perfect.  I love shooting in this part of the world, the light is beautiful and the scenery is just breathtaking. But the thing that made this wedding so special was Claire, James and all their wonderful friends and family.

Shooting weddings isn’t actually about amazing surroundings (although it helps!), it’s about connecting with people, showing that connection and creating a set of images that will instantly transport you back to the day that was simply the greatest of your life. It flies by in an instant and you want that day back more than any other.  Surrounded by everyone you love most, all there to celebrate with you.  I hope I have created something that Claire and James can look at over and over again and it will take them straight back to the day they became Mr & Mrs.

The view from chateau grand bois sweet flowers in jars

Chateau Grand Bois Wedding

The venue is surrounded by pretty flowers and of course Provence’s signature lavender.

Brides head piece Claires dress

getting ready for Chateau Grand Bois Wedding

The girls get ready.

Claire and James had the most wonderful celebrant; Karine Wegel. She stepped in at the last minute, when the couple were let down and she was just incredible. She made the ceremony so personal and full of joy. Her details are to be found at the bottom of this post. Here she is briefing James prior to the ceremony.

wedding rings James in the doorway of Chateau Grand Bois Claire gets ready with make up Dog

flower head peice

Instead of the bridesmaids carrying flowers, they wore them in their hair. Stunning.


Claire look just incredible

bride putting on dress bridesmaid watches the bride Claire Portrait of the bridesmaid

James waiting to enter his Chateau Grand Bois Wedding

James waits to make his entrance

wedding at Chateau Grand Bois Young bridesmaid walks down the aisle Bride walking down aisle wedding ceremony at Chateau Grand Bois Chateau Grand Bois Wedding blessing getting married in Provence the boys and the girls bride cries at Chateau Grand Bois Wedding groom laughing guests crying at Chateau Grand Bois Wedding getting married at Chateau Grand Bois The bridesmaids watching exchange of rings and promises

Chateau Grand Bois Wedding

Sealed with a kiss

bride and groom exit champagne at Chateau Grand Bois Wedding wedding at Chateau Grand Bois nibbles cheers guests chatting in sunshine

fresh seafood at Chateau Grand Bois Wedding

One of my biggest regrets is not sampling some of the wonderful food being served ala plancha. Here you could chose fresh seafood and then have it cooked in front of you with your own choice of mayo. It smelt amazing – but there were pictures to be found and moments to capture!

guests at Chateau Grand Bois bride hugs gran guests having fun guests enjoying the Chateau Grand Bois Wedding toddler fills shoes with gravel Chateau Grand Bois WeddingI shot some relaxed groups on the terrace and then we went for a 15 minute shoot with Claire and James.
Chateau Grand Bois Wedding picturesChateau Grand Bois has lots of really gorgeous areas for pictures, it was so easy to find lovely little spots with great light.
Chateau Grand Bois Wedding photographer Chateau Grand Bois Weddings Chateau Grand Bois Wedding photography Provence wedding photographer Provence weddings sunset kissI love shooting in golden light – with the vineyards in the background, it was perfect.
Chateau Grand Bois Wedding images dinner sign drink me bottle

Chateau Grand Bois Wedding decoration

Claire’s tables were all names of cheeses they loved.

outdoor seating at Chateau Grand Bois Wedding

Chateau Grand Bois Wedding photos

A few minutes after this was taken, the heavens opened! It didn’t matter has everyone had their seats for dinner. I loved the light it created.

guests welcome the bride and groom brides speech Chateau Grand Bois Wedding speeches

speech at Chateau Grand Bois Wedding

James’s brother gave a fantastic best man’s speech.

first dance at Chateau Grand Bois Wedding

wedding at Chateau Grand Bois Wedding

Time to dance like no one is watching!

The music at James and Claire’s Chateau Grand Bois Wedding was brilliant.  See the details at the bottom of the post.
french wedding cake Congratulations Claire & James – it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and your family & friends.

Venue: Chateau Grand Bois

Celebrant: Karine Wegel

Make Up: Doigt de Fée coiffeuse

Music: Alex Yeoman


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