chateau brametourte wedding photographer

Chateau Brametourte Wedding Photographer

Chateau Brametourte Wedding Photographer – Carla & Charlie’s fabulous day

As a recommended Chateau Brametourte wedding photographer, I was really happy to be back there again shooting at one of the best wedding venues in the south of France.  It was an exciting day because the chateau and owners were being featured on the new series of Escape to the Chateau DIY! I hear it’s a spin off from Escape to the Chateau.  Personally, I haven’t seen it as I don’t have TV – but it was exciting nevertheless.

Carla and Charlie were just lovely! Determined to have a great day from the outset and the sweetest couple.  I really enjoyed shooting their day and creating this wonderful story for them…

Chateau Brametourte Wedding Photographer Chateau Brametourte Wedding Photography The view from Chateau Brametourte The pool at Chateau Brametourte Wedding

The courtyard at Chateau Brametourte

The stunning courtyard at Chateau Brametourte.

bride having make up dne at The stunning courtyard at Chateau Brametourte

hanky at wedding

How sweet is this…for happy tears

dress hanging up at The stunning courtyard at Chateau Brametourte bridesmaid leaning out of window over looking te courtyard Bride with her baby bridesmaids laughing girls getting ready in black and white Bride doing flower girls hair and laughing

guests outside the stunning courtyard at Chateau Brametourte

The guests gather outside before the ceremony begins.

Family tree wedding

grandmothers wedding ring

This ring was Carla’s grandmothers.

girls doing hair at Chateau Brametourte bride getting dress down Bride gets ready at chateau brametourte dress being done up girls helping bride delicate lace bridal dress

bride at chateau brametourte

Carla looked stunning!

chateau brametourte wedding photographer chateau brametourte wedding photograph chateau brametourte wedding photography sunflower wedding theme the courtyard at chateau brametourte wedding bridesmaid walks down the aisle chateau brametourte wedding photographer chateau brametourte weddings escape from the chateau DIY wedding venue chateau brametourte wedding weddings at chateau brametourte reading at chateau brametourte wedding getting married at chateau brametourte exchange of rings at chateau brametourte wedding weddings at chateau brametourte groom cheers just married at chateau brametourte chateau brametourte latret confetti throwing chateau brametourte wedding photographer chateau brametourte wedding photos chateau brametourte wedding sunflower themed wedding at chateau brametourte wedding drinks recption at chateau brametourte groom laughing during drinks reception at chateau brametourte guests having fun at chateau brametourte wedding food at chateau brametourte wedding guests at chateau brametourte wedding people listening to speech chateau brametourte wedding photography chateau brametourte wedding bridal party at chateau brametourte wedding wedding guests smiling in black and white playing boules at chateau brametourte wedding girl throwing boule child stealing glasses child playing boule

chateau brametourte wedding photographer

It was so hot on Carla and Charlie’s day that a little stroll in the shade of the woods made for not only sweet pictures but also a welcome break from the heat.

chateau brametourte wedding photographs chateau brametourte wedding photos chateau brametourte wedding photographers chateau brametourte wedding pictures at chateau brametourte wedding photographer chateau brametourte weddings at chateau brametourte wedding venue languedoc wedding photographer france wedding in south of france bride with sunflowers chateau brametourte wedding photographer chateau brametourte

chateau brametourte wedding tables

With sunflowers growing all around the fields near Chateau Brametourte, Carla’s theme was very appropriate. I love sunflowers, they just say happy to me.

sunflower wedding ideas chateau brametourte wedding set up

cute wedding chairs france

How cute are the chairs!

tables et up chateau brametourte wedding

kracken spiced rum favour

What a great idea for a favour!

sunflower wedding sunflowers wedding France leave table name chateau brametourte wedding photos playing boule at chateau brametourte

bride and daughter

Carla and their pretty daughter.

walking into dinner at wedding

The couple make their entrance to lots of applause

french chef Chateau Brametourte

The food never disappoints at Chateau Brametourte and this occasion was no different.

food Chateau Brametourte wedding at Chateau Brametourte madame chairs france groom laughing

gin bar at wedding

All the table names were types of gin. After dinner the guests were treated to a botanicals gin bar. There were so many to try with different mixers too. A simple but original idea.

couple on chairs at Chateau Brametourte

wedding drinking games

Rock, paper, scissors drinking games. It’s never going to end well for someone.

documentary wedding photographer france

drinking games

The moment of victory

handshake guest drinking red wine france downing red wine selfie at wedding Speeches at Chateau Brametourte bride and groom listening to speeches at Chateau Brametourte toast with champagne grooms speech bride laughing bestman listening guests toast speeches at Chateau Brametourte wedding Chateau Brametourte wedding photographer tables at Chateau Brametourte groom looks embarrassed cheers at wedding

first dance at Chateau Brametourte

Darkness fell quickly and it was time for the couple to have their first dance together as a married couple.

couple dancing more dancing dancing and laughing in black and white twirling Chateau Brametourte wedding Chateau Brametourte photos Chateau Brametourte weddings Chateau Brametourte dancing Chateau Brametourte kiss Chateau Brametourte

What Charlie & Carla said after they received their wedding photos…
“The photos are fantastic. A memory of all our favourite parts of the day and we are thrilled that we asked you to photograph our wedding. We will never grow old of these beautiful photos.”

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  • Alison Ward 18/08/2018  

    Charlie and Carla are such a beautiful couple, in style and approach – they were a joy to have at Chateau de Brametourte and it was an honour for our venue that they chose their special day with us. Kerry – you have captured their day stunningly and with elegance in our rustic setting. We loved having them and their guests with us and – despite their brief stay – we missed their companionship and laughter when they had gone. We hope to see them and little Eva again some day. Thank you for sharing this delightful blog which kept me smiling throughout!

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