Bury Court Barn Wedding

Bury Court Barn Wedding

Bury Court Barn Wedding – Natalie & Dave’s stunning day

I do love a Bury Court Barn Wedding! It’s been a while since I’ve photographed at this venue.  It was the perfect summers day.  I shot Dave’s brother’s wedding a while back and it was so nice seeing the family again.  Bury Court Barn is a beautiful country venue with loads of nice little areas to shoot in.  I really enjoyed it.  Natalie and Dave were just fantastic and very relaxed on their day. I would describe Natalie as a “smiley” bride!  In fact, i’m not sure I saw her without a smile all day. The drinks flowed as did the laughter.

Here are some of my favourites from their wedding at Bury Court Barn..

Burn Court Barn Girls getting ready at bury court barn champagne glass bridemaid in dressing gown at Gate street barn Bury Court Barn wedding girls getting ready shoes at Bury Court Barn perfume bottle on window rustic bouquet florist bury court barnI loved Natalie’s rustic bouquet.
brides mum shows a picture of her as a babyNatalie’s mum proudly displays her baby photo!
flowers at bury court barn bridesmaid gets help from bride flower gilr loos out of window Bride getting dressed at Bury Court Barn Wedding Mum helping with brides dress A church wedding at bury court barnDave and his brothers (and camera shy nephew!)
guests arriving for wedding guests being greeted guests hugging the boys laughing at wedding the church at bury court barn more guests hugging brides sister laughs usher checks time Bury Court Barn wedding bride arrives with her Dad flower girl waiting in church bride arrives for her Bury Court Barn Wedding bride walks down the asile bride and dad walkign down the asile

Bury Court Barn Wedding

Love this one.

bride looks excited guests sing in church wedding vows exchange of rings brides mum bride and groom in church guests watching bride and groom laughing bridesmaids watching wedding ceremony readings at wedding ceremony light in church signing the register bride signs

walking back down the aisle married


Bride and groom just got married confetti line confetti line at Bury Court Barn Wedding confettiwedding car
guest wave goodbye
wedding car leaves Bury Court Barn WeddingThe planting at Bury Court Barn is beautiful.  I used it a lot in the portraits later that day.
guest at Bury Court Barn Wedding cake maker Bury Court Barn Wedding close of cake Bury Court Barn Wedding soft drink idea at weddingHow cute are these!
guests chatting Bury Court Barn Wedding Bury Court Barn Wedding

Bury Court Barn Wedding

Bury Court Barn looked amazing

wedding photos Bury Court Barn bridesmaids watching guests at Bury Court Barn Wedding Love this cheeky face.

Bury Court Barn Wedding bride laughing

The wedding reception at Bury Court Barn was full of laughter; so relaxed and fun.

Bury Court Barn Wedding

Towards the end of the drinks reception at Bury Court Barn I took the couple off for some pictures. I don’t believe in making my couples miss the fun, so this process takes about 15 minutes. I do it as the guests are taking their seats for dinner.  The light was beautiful and Natalie and Dave were really fun to work with.

Bury Court Barn Weddings Bury Court Barn photographer
Bury Court Barn Wedding pictures Bury Court Barn Wedding Bury Court Barn Wedding images Bury Court Barn Wedding best wedding photos Bury Court Barn Wedding photography Bury Court Barn Wedding photographerI like to use backlight if the sun is out.  It’s so flattering and the softness it creates makes beautiful portraits.
Bury Court Barn Wedding Bury Court Barn Wedding photos

Bury Court Barn Wedding

Here they come!

Bury Court Barn Wedding

When the light was lower we spent 5 minutes shooting in the amazing long grass at Bury Court Barn. Such a beautiful spot.

Bury Court Barn Wedding in field

Drinking games!

Drinking games!

Congratulations Natalie & Dave! What an incredible day to be part of.

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  • Toby Lowe 17/04/2018  

    Lovely, lovely work Kerry. Roll on the days of summer! I love the pictures of the bride and groom in the long grass.

  • Paul Tansley 17/04/2018  

    Always interesting to see how people shoot the same venues. Love the use of that long grass for the portrait shot.

  • Kerry Morgan 17/04/2018  

    Thanks Toby and Paul!

  • Jim Davidson 17/04/2018  

    Lovely stuff, as always, Kerry.

  • David Weightman 17/04/2018  

    Love the shot of her mum holding up a baby photo of Natalie! Great coverage throughout the day too.

  • Kerry Morgan 17/04/2018  

    Thanks Jim and David!

  • Ally Stuart 17/04/2018  

    Beautiful work Kerry. What a gorgeous bride!

  • Kerry Morgan 17/04/2018  

    Thanks Ally!

  • Martin Dabek 17/04/2018  

    Great coverage Kerry. Well done!

  • Linus Moran 17/04/2018  

    A real pleasure to view Kerry. So many great frames in there. Loved the Choos, shot as is rather than posed!

  • Mark Seymour 19/04/2018  

    Beautiful set of images Kerry with lots of emotion really showing what a great time they had

  • Kerry Morgan 19/04/2018  

    Thanks everyone! Very kind.

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