Botleys Mansion weddings

Botleys Mansion weddings – Wedding Photography of Sophie & Lewis

Botleys Mansion weddings – Part One

It’s no secret that I love Botleys Mansion weddings.  The building is the perfect blend of old and new.  The stunning atrium, where the wedding breakfast is held is beautiful.  Amazingly light, so perfect for pictures.

One thing I never worry about when shooting at Botleys Mansion is the weather.  There’s so many lovely features inside the Mansion that if it does rain, there’s lots of options.  Well, on Sophie and Lewis’s day, it did rain.  It was on and off for the whole day.  We made a dash for it as soon as we saw a gap in the weather.  When it rains, you just go with the flow!

Whenever I shoot a wedding, I have three things in my mind. 1. Tell the story, make sure that when the bride and groom see the pictures it’s like being back there.  The day goes so quickly and when it’s over, you just want to do it again.  So I hope my pictures help people relive it.  2. Make people look good, I want everyone in my pictures to look fab.  So I concentrate on choosing the right moment or facial expression. Posing people and making subtle changes to body positions can have a huge effect. The subject can be transformed from looking good, to looking fantastic and finally, 3. Enjoy it.  I really enjoyed Sophie and Lewis’s wedding!! Everyone made me feel so welcome, it was so much fun.

I have split this post into two parts…

Botleys mansion wedding photosBotleys mansion wedding shoesdiamond engagement ring

Botleys mansion florist

The florals were stunning.

bridesmaids at Botleys mansion weddingflower girl at Botleys mansionBotleys mansion weddingsBotleys mansion wedding pictures

stretch limo wedding car

The guys arrive in a stretch limo.

Botleys mansion weddings

Botleys mansion wedding rooms

The ceremony was brought inside due to the weather. The room looked stunning.

Botleys mansion wedding flowersBotleys-Mansion-weddings-013Botleys mansion wedding ceremony

Botleys mansion wedding

Sophie’s entrance into the room was very emotional.

Botleys mansion wedding photos

Love this one.

Botleys mansion wedding Botleys mansion weddingsBotleys mansion weddingsBotleys mansion photosBotleys-Mansion-weddings-021Botleys-Mansion-weddings-022Botleys-Mansion-weddings-023Botleys-Mansion-weddings-024Botleys mansionBotleys-Mansion-weddings-026Botleys-Mansion-weddings-027Botleys mansion walking down the aisleBotleys mansion weddingBotleys mansion weddingsdrinks at Botleys mansion weddingBotleys-Mansion-weddings-032

Botleys mansion weddings

We shot most of the groups inside. The rain stopped for a a few minutes, so we made our way outside before it started again.

rain at botleys mansion weddingBotleys mansion wedding photosBotleys mansion weddingsBotleys mansion wedding photographerBotleys mansion weddingsBotleys mansion wedding photographyBotleys mansion wedding decorations

Botleys mansion weddings

The room looked amazing.

Botleys mansion wedding atriumBotleys mansion wedding cakeBotleys-Mansion-weddings-044Botleys-Mansion-weddings-045Botleys-Mansion-weddings-046

Botleys mansion weddings

This picture made me laugh.

page boy at Botleys mansion weddingtoastmaster at Botleys mansionBotleys mansion weddingcouple make their entrance at Botleys mansion weddingBotleys-Mansion-weddings-052Botleys-Mansion-weddings-053Botleys-Mansion-weddings-054The couple handed out selfie sticks and the guests bluetoothed their pictures.  What a great idea!Botleys-Mansion-weddings-055Botleys-Mansion-weddings-056Botleys mansion weddings

To see part two of this Botleys Mansion wedding click here.

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