Best Engagement Photographer in The World

Best Engagement Photographer in the World!

The Best Engagement Photographer in the World competition – JuneBug Weddings 2016


When I checked my inbox yesterday morning, I was not expecting to find out that I was one of the winners of Best Engagement Photographer in the World competition! I am English and by nature we find it very difficult to take a compliment or accept praise.  It makes us feel uncomfortable. We certainly shy away from boasting or bragging and prefer a cooler more humble approach to success.

So even writing this blog to announce such news I attempt with a lot of trepidation.

But rejoice it I will!

My engagement shoots are such a huge passion for me.  To say I love shooting them is somewhat of an understatement.  I meet couples from all over the world, which is so interesting.  Capturing people in love is a pure joy. I won Junebug’s Best Engagement Photographer in the World in 2014, so to win again in 2016 is something I am immensely proud of.

So onto the image that won….

My lovely clients Gemma & Terry wanted some beautiful engagement pictures of the two of them in London.  We met up in December on a cold bright day and spent the afternoon wandering, making pictures and talking.

Planning the Engagement Shoot

I had don’t often plan images. I’m inspired by light and how my clients interact with one another.   However, on that morning I wanted something specific.  I try and think outside the box and I’m always looking for a new way of shooting.  For this image, I wanted a very cinematic feel, low lit with a film noir feel to it.  I’m a huge film fan.  I think of those great on screen romances, where the couple have a great connection.  I love old movies and the way those stars seem to show their vulnerability.

I was on the train going to the shoot and thought, mmmm where can I get some light that would give me such a low key feel?  I was headed into London on a cold, crisp and sunny afternoon.  But one thing we do have in London is lots of foot tunnels, so that’s where I decided to go.  I hoped that Gemma and Terry would be happy for me to take a chance and try something I hadn’t done before.  I try to push myself on all my shoots and this is really what fuels my passion for image making.

Capturing a Genuine Connection

We walked to the location, a small dark foot tunnel along the river Thames.  I asked Gemma and Terry to move just inside the tunnel, so the edge of the light coming in hit the side of their faces. I exposed for the highlight. What you can’t see in the picture were the joggers running past or the foreign students who stopped to take selfies!  We had to wait a while to get a clear spot.  It also smelt terrible!!  Not the sort of place you’d want to hang around for too long.

But the one thing I couldn’t have planned was the look in her eye, without that, this image would be nothing.  Showing a true and genuine connection between people is really what great engagement photography is all about, for me anyway.

A huge thanks to the Junebug Weddings team and the judges – Phil Chester, Samm Blake, and Hendra Lesmana.  You really have made my year.  🙂

To find out more about my engagement photography have a look at my gallery and get in touch.

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