Anstey Hall wedding speeches

Anstey Hall wedding – Cambridge

Anstey Hall wedding – Cambridge – part two of Inessa and Peter’s amazing day

If you missed part one of Inessa and Peter’s Anstey Hall wedding click here.

It was back to Anstey Hall for the reception.  As with all winter weddings it’s important to make the most of the light when you have it.  So we made sure everyone had got a glass of champagne and then headed out into the grounds of Anstey Hall for the couple’s portraits.  These were followed by a few groups of friends and family.  The ballroom at their Anstey Hall wedding looked amazing.  Peter and Inessa had used books as their center pieces.  Inessa is Russian and so all the books were by Russian authors.  I thought it was a cool and personal idea.  The ballroom is very beautiful, with stunning art and the most amazing chandeliers.  The event manager told me that they came from Murano in Venice and were a staggering £40,000 each.

I shot a few portraits as people went through to dinner.  Everyone enjoyed the food and then came the speeches.  Inessa’s parents made speeches and had a family friend translate from Russian to English. The room was filled with emotion and Peter’s speech came next.  I really enjoyed capturing the different emotions and expressions.

Here are some of my favourites from their Anstey Hall wedding…

ansty- hall-wedding-035

Anstey Hall wedding in winter

There were no flowers to use in the pictures, being January but I loved the texture on this plant by the doorway.

Anstey Hall wedding photosAnstey Hall wedding winter wedding photosAnstey Hall wedding cambridgeansty- hall-wedding-040ansty- hall-wedding-040aansty- hall-wedding-041Anstey Hall wedding photographerAnstey Hall wedding pictures

As the sun went down, we got some lovely soft light through the trees.

As the sun went down, we got some lovely soft light through the trees.

Anstey Hall

Loved this beautiful marble bench for some of the images.


The boys!

The boys!

Anstey Hall wedding ball room

The ball room looking incredible.

Anstey Hall wedding tablesAnstey Hall wedding table ideas winter wedding

pale lilac bridesmaid dresses

The girls!


playing with bubbles

Peter’s nephews loved the bubbles!

-ansty-hall-wedding-015-ansty-hall-wedding-016-ansty-hall-wedding-017-ansty-hall-wedding-018-ansty-hall-wedding-019-ansty-hall-wedding-020Anstey Hall wedding speechesI love this one.-ansty-hall-wedding-022-ansty-hall-wedding-023-ansty-hall-wedding-024Anstey Hall wedding toasts-ansty-hall-wedding-026-ansty-hall-wedding-027Anstey Hall wedding dinning room-ansty-hall-wedding-029-ansty-hall-wedding-030-ansty-hall-wedding-031-ansty-hall-wedding-032-ansty-hall-wedding-033

 Congratulations Peter & Inessa!

If you were a guest at their wedding you can see the whole gallery by clicking here.  The password is the grooms surname.

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